Now that both SEIU Local 99 members and the LAUSD board have ratified the agreement, our contract goes into full effect. We must now continue to put pressure on the district so that they expedite the payment of our new wages, bonuses, and retroactive pay.

Our new contract could not have been won without the courage and sacrifice of SEIU Local 99 members who went on strike to demand respect for the right to speak out for a fair contract.

We could not have won without the tremendous solidarity of UTLA teachers who also went on strike in support of SEIU Local 99 members. We congratulate teachers for reaching a tentative agreement on their contract earlier today.

And we recognize Mayor Karen Bass for leading discussions between our union and LAUSD to help each a historic agreement.

Of course, the fight is not over.
We must enforce our new contract – including the articles that allow us to file grievances against disrespect and harassment on the job.

We must move forward with our Labor Management Committees to continue to address issues that impact our work and the student services we provide, including staffing, increased hours, stipends for health care assistants, and more.

And we must keep making our voices heard. We acknowledge the role that political leaders played in our victory – from Mayor Bass who facilitated discussions to state legislators who walked the picket lines to the school board members who voted today. We must continue to support leaders who stand with working people.

Let’s keep moving forward, union strong!