Bargaining Update: We demand a new rate system with benefits

Watch this video from CCPU’s Statewide Bargaining Team. You can also dial 1-844-243-9670 to hear it. 

This past weekend, our bargaining team met with the state. We proposed that they significantly increase our pay to the true cost of care, continue funding for training and health care, and launch a retirement benefit to ensure we can retire with dignity. Although the State claims to want to work with us, they proposed: NO increase in our rates, NO funding for training, NO health care, and NO retirement. This is UNACCEPTABLE!  They called us heroes, but their response treats us like zeros!

Let’s tell the state that we demand more. We demand a new rate system with benefits. We demand to be paid the true cost of the high quality care we provide. On Monday,  May 1st, CCPU members are heading to the Capitol to invite Governor Newsom to visit our child care homes to see firsthand what high quality care and education looks like! Click here to Add your name to the state-wide invite to Gov. Newsom.


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