Bargaining Update: All hands on deck to win a strong second contract

On Tuesday, our bargaining team met with the state. The state continues to be stuck on NO ongoing pay increases, NO paid time off, NO health care and NO other essential benefits. 

Enough is enough! Our current contract expires on June 30. It’s time for all of us to take action to move the state away from “No.”  Join us on June 15 in Sacramento as we March on the Capitol to demand a new contract that truly meets the needs of all children, parents, and providers.

Let’s show the state that we are holding strong for a second contract that ensures:

  • Rates that reflect the actual cost of providing care. Our state is past due and it’s time providers receive livable wages and stable compensation. It’s 2023 and we can no longer survive with the current 2018 rates we are receiving.
  • A pathway to a secure retirement. After decades and decades of hard work, and caring for the children in our communities, we deserve to retire with dignity and respect.
  • Ongoing funding for Healthcare. The state is quickly forgetting its commitment to provide ongoing funding for health care that is essential to maintaining our health to serve our families. 
  • Paid Leave. The state believes that providers, like us, who work close to 70/80 hours a week, don’t deserve any paid time off.
  • On top of all that, the state does not recognize the urgency of Increased Access to Quality, Affordable Child Care for Working Families. Parents need quality child care in order to get to work and provide for their families. They need the services many of us provide, including working with children with special needs, working flexible hours, and working weekends.

Winning a strong contract starts with all of us taking action. Let’s all march on the capitol on June 15 to remind the state that family child care providers are the backbone of this economy and the time to invest in child care is NOW! Stay tuned to hear more about how you can join the March on the Capitol in Sacramento on June 15th!

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