Bargaining Update: The state is not acknowledging us as essential workers

On Thursday, our bargaining team met with the state. Through words and actions, the state is not acknowledging us as essential workers or that California runs on child care. The state’s bargaining team showed up Thursday with no proposals towards agreeing to a fair contract, meaning they have made ZERO movements on pay increasespaid time offhealth careretirement, and other essential benefits. In fact, their current proposals represent cuts from what providers have been receiving.

That’s unacceptable! We will not take the state’s disrespect! Providers keep California running and allow working parents to do their jobs every day, knowing their children are in a safe and caring learning environment. As educators, we will not allow Governor Newsom and his administration to diminish our role and push back against the notion that we are essential workers. During COVID, we were essential, and we remain so today. Our care is vital to the families we serve, and if the state wants to keep child care open in California, we are demanding that they come to the table with real solutions.

CCPU IS FIGHTING BACK! Our current contract expires on June 30 and it’s clear the state is showing NO urgency to reach an agreement in time. We must show them that 40,000 providers along with families and our allies are holding strong for a new contract that truly meets the needs of all children, parents, and providers.

Are you ready to move the state away from “No?” Join us on June 15 in Sacramento as we march on the Capitol to demand a new contract that ensures:

  • Fair Pay that is based on the true cost of running a child care business
  • Stability in the child care industry by maintaining funding for health care and professional development, retirement benefits, and paid time off
  • Increased access to quality, affordable child care for all families

We know California can afford to pay us a living wage! And we can’t afford to wait any longer. On June 15, let’s remind the state that family child care providers are the backbone of this economy!

Buses depart late on Wednesday, June 14, and return late on Thursday, June 15. Register now here!


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