SEIU Local 99 Members in Solidarity With WGAW & SAG AFTRA Members Friday, July 21!

SEIU Local 99 members joined with WGAW & SAG-AFTRA members to rally against the big Hollywood executives at Paramount Studios on Friday, July 21. Hundreds of Local 99, WGAW, and SAG-AFTRA members stood united in the fight for living wages, better working conditions, and safeguards against AI technologies.

The big Hollywood executives have threatened to drag out this strike until writers lose their homesThis is a fight for the future of writing and for the ability to develop and sustain careers in this industry. The time to address these issues is now.

Food service workers, special education assistants, custodians, and other workers at LAUSD who were on strike in March came out to join the picket line with striking WGAW writers in a show of solidarity. In addition, a press conference was held with guest speakers Elizabeth Thomas Parker- Vice President of SEIU Local 99 and Special Education Assistant with LAUSD and Kelly Gonez – LAUSD Board Member, District 6.

During our previous strike, workers at LAUSD highlighted the essential work we do that often goes unrecognized. Writers are an important part of the entertainment industry whose contributions are also often undervalued. We stand with them until their work is respected. Our fellow brothers and sisters at the Writer’s Guild of America West (WGAW) have been on strike for nearly three months and we will stay united for as long as it takes to win!

As part of the picketing, a press conference was held for members of the press.

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