SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team Prepares for Contract Negotiations

Be Sure You Complete the Survey!

SEIU Local 99 Bargaining team members from LACCD met to begin preparing for contract negotiations which start on October 26. Our team also discussed ongoing issues at LACCD, including wages and staffing shortages. In our contract negotiations, we want to ensure the district respects workers and addresses the issues that are impacting our livelihoods and the quality of student services. To best demonstrate our current ongoing issues and help our bargaining team set contract priorities, we NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you have not completed the bargaining survey, submit it today. Your responses will help guide negotiations.

Bargaining Team Expanding

For wider membership representation on our bargaining team, the team will be expanded from 9 members currently on the bargaining team to 18. Ideally, 2 members from each college and different classifications will be part of the team. Look for more information about the nomination and election process coming soon.

A Strong Contract Is Up To All Of Us!

Negotiations don’t start or end at the bargaining table, it’s going to take all members coming together and taking action in full force. Let us come together to speak out on staffing shortages that are putting all members at risk and impacting the health and safety of students. Almost all colleges are not meeting basic cleaning standards. This is due to staffing shortages, proper equipment, or necessary support not being provided by the district.


Let’s get ready to fight for good wages, benefits, job protections, and respect for our work. Be sure you complete the bargaining survey.

And if you’re not yet a member, sign-up online.

If you have any questions about negotiations or job-related concerns, contact your organizer Ulises Leon at (213) 219-6135 or, by email at

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