Bargaining Update: We’re fighting to make long-lasting improvements in early care and education at Options For Learning

Our SEIU Local 99 bargaining team met with Options for Learning management on October 30 to negotiate over wages, the rights of workers on the job, personnel policies, and other issues affecting working conditions and their impact on the children and families at Options. 

While management heard us on the need to improve wages to recruit and retain more staff, it is also clear that we will need to continue to stand strong to ensure respectful treatment and recognition of our rights to address ongoing issues with hours, workload, staffing shortages, and other issues.  

Key takeaways from our session: 

  • Proposing a Wage increase of 25% 
    • 12.5% increase as of 12/01/23 
    • 12.5% increase July 1, 2024
  • Phasing out of classifications from the bargaining unit. 
  •  Pay Differentials while providing the following services:
    • Bilingual services
    • Floater teacher/covering
    • Working with challenging behaviors including aggression, self-injurious, or disruptive behaviors.
  • The Consolidation of Personnel Policies

The next contract reopener negotiations session is scheduled for Monday, November 6th.  

Our Unity is Our Voice! Join us to learn more about how we can win a strong contract at Options and make long-lasting improvements in early care and education.


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