The Results are in for SMMUSD’s New Labor Management Committees

Welcome your new LMC members!

SEIU Local 99 Members at Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) on the Labor Management Committees will be working to enforce our current contract and address any issues that may arise in the different work areas. But it’s up to all members to support these teams. They meet directly with the district but, as we know, if we want our voices heard, we need to be ready to support them at our worksites and in our communities. 

Members were elected to these teams after a rigorous nomination process that included collecting signatures from members in their job category. Please note that vacancies still exist in some job categories.

Congratulations to all the member leaders who participated in the process. Now, let’s get ready to fight for better working conditions and more!

SMMUSD Labor Management Committees


  1.   Martelle Riley              Bus Driver     
  2.   Kathy Yates                  Bus Driver     
  3.   Deborah McCord         Bus Driver    
  • There are 2 vacancies in this committee.

Food Services

  1.   Venecia Benjamin, Cafeteria Manager 2
  • There are 4 vacancies in this committee.


  • 5 seats remain open.

Information Technology

  • 1 seat remains open.


  • 1 seat remains open.

Special Ed

  1.   Marissa Mckeever, Paraeducator
  • There are 4 vacancies on this committee.

Executive Committee 

  1.   Kathy Yates, Bus Driver     
  2.   Henry Placencia , Skilled Maintenance     
  • There are 3 vacancies on this committee.

*Please note, no nominations were submitted for Security, IT, or M&O Labor Management Committees

Only active SEIU Local 99 members are eligible to be on these committees and vote on electing members to the committees. If you’re not yet a member, sign-up here.

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