Reopener Agreement Reached with Options For Learning!

Members Voted YES to Ratify our Reopener Agreement with Options For Learning! 

Our SEIU Local 99 bargaining team is pleased to announce that we have ratified an agreement with Options For Learning on the current contract reopener, but our fight for dignity, respect, and wages in line with the services we provide has only just begun! 

The agreement includes:

  • A wage increase of 25% for eligible employees
    • 12.5% increase as of December 1, 2023
    • Additional 12.5% increase as of July 1,2024
  • Retroactive pay
  • 5% Pay Differential while providing the following services:
    • Bilingual services
    • Working as a Floater (e.g. substitute teacher)
    • Regularly working with special needs children
  • The Consolidation of Personnel Policies
  • Quarterly professional development training

You can read the full language of the Agreement HERE

What’s Next? Gearing up to begin negotiations for our next full contract!!! 

In order to be prepared to fight for respect and recognition of our work, we need to organize our sites. Now that the reopener is wrapped up, we will shift the focus to our Full Contract Campaign. This is our opportunity to make BIG changes to wages, hours, working conditions, staffing, and more! 

Here’s what you can do now to prepare for full contract negotiations in September 2024: 

  • Grow Our Union. Membership counts! Sign up to be a member here 
  • Engage your co-workers on issues directly impacting them. Remember: you have rights and protections to continue to improve working conditions.  
  • Visit the Options For Learning workplace page on union website for updates 
  • Show your unity. Participate in worksite actions, including Purple-Up T-shirt Days 

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