SEIU Local 99 Addressing Shelter In Place Air Quality Concerns with LAUSD

Possible gas leak led to shelter in place order on December 5, 2023

On December 5, 2023, staff and students at various LAUSD schools in regions South and East were directed to shelter in place by the district due to a concern of a possible gas leak/odor reported within the community. SEIU Local 99 is in discussion with LAUSD to ensure that everyone’s safety is the top priority and that no one is impacted negatively by this emergency.

Our union is working to make sure that there is no loss of pay for any workers who were ordered to shelter in place and that no disciplinary action is taken against workers impacted by the shelter in place order. If you are experiencing health issues as a result of the gas leak/odor, you should document this concern and immediately report it to the site Administrator and seek immediate medical attention.

If you were negatively impacted in any other way as a result of the shelter in place order, please report it to SEIU Local 99 by completing this inquiry form.

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