Wage Increases at LAUSD Take Effect on January 1, 2024

Plus additional hours, new contract fight, and more to gear-up for in the new year

Several gains won in our contract with LAUSD will be taking effect in 2024 + we’ll be heading back to the bargaining table with the district. Here’s what members working at LAUSD can expect in the new year:

$2/hour wage increase will become effective on January 1
This increase will bring the minimum wage at LAUSD to $23/hour, marking one of the highest minimum wages in the nation. This was won through the action and sacrifice of thousands of SEIU Local 99 members who went on strike for respect. But our fight is not over …

United to Win More in 2024!
The $2/hour increase taking effect on January 1 will lift the average annual salary at LAUSD from $25,000 to $33,000. While it’s a significant jump, LAUSD has kept its wages so low for so long, that the increase basically brings a family of 4 up to the poverty line. Education Workers deserve to earn above the poverty line!

In 2024, we’ll be kicking-off our contract campaign for a livable wage and full staffing at LAUSD. Buttons declaring “We Deserve Wages Above Poverty Line” and “Full Staffing = Better Student Services” are being distributed at schools and worksites now through Tuesday, January 23. Let’s make sure we all wear buttons on January 23. The school board and Superintendent Carvalho will be meeting for their first regular meeting of the new year on January 23. Let’s kick-off 2024 by showing our union power and send them a strong message!

Process begins to move Special Education Assistants to 7-hours
According to our contract, LAUSD must begin the process to ensure that all Special Education Assistants have the opportunity to work 7-hour shifts on January 1 and ensure it is fully implemented by July 1, 2024. The district has confirmed that they will move forward with this process so that all Special Education Assistants move to 7 hours if they choose. The district will be sending out a notification to special education assistants next year. Please note that special education assistants who choose to opt-out of the seven-hour position will be voluntarily moving to part-time status.

Fighting for Additional Hours for Health Care Assistants
Get ready to take action in January to ensure that 7-hour positions are also extended to health care assistants. Look for information coming soon.

Let’s Elect Champions for Education Workers to the LAUSD Board
In 2024, we’ll also be electing new school board members to the LAUSD board. Board members vote on our contract and make decisions about the district’s budget and other issues impacting our wages, hours, staffing, and the student services we provide. SEIU Local 99 members have voted to endorse Graciela Ortiz and Tanya Ortiz-Franklin to the board. Sign-up here to learn more about how you can take action to elect Graciela and Tanya to the school board. Election Day is March 5.



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  1. dxf2978 January 16, 2024 at 9:15 am

    Im being told that if we stay at 6 hrs that it might get phased out. That you can lose your position because 6 hr postions will no longer be needed. In the contract you will be noted as part time does that mean we can lose our benefits? What are the draw backs of staying as a 6hr position? Because now it seems like its being forced if we do not accept it. I’m going to school and cannot do the 7 hr position but I dont want to lose my benefits or position. I still need to pay bills and take care of my children.

  2. Gladys January 9, 2024 at 3:30 pm

    I’m confused. So, does this mean that SpEd TA’s are able to begin the 7 hours starting January 2024, and it will be fully implemented by July 2024? Also, it says here that if you refuse the 7 hours, SpEd TA’s will be put as part time. Does this mean no benefits for those who opt out?

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