Health Care Assistants at LAUSD Demand Respect

Full Time Services For Our Students

Health Care Assistants provide invaluable services to LAUSD’s most vulnerable students. Their duties include feeding, diapering, assisting with nursing care protocols, as well as assisting with tutoring, and behavioral concerns.

The work SEIU Local 99 members carry out on a day-to-day basis as Health Care Assistants is not part-time work. Now is the time to take action like never before and fill out this petition form to have your name added to the list to demand ALL Health Care Assistants be given a work assignment of at least 7 hours or more a day.

Your name on the petition signifies solidarity, strength, and action in demanding what you deserve! We will be presenting this petition to the LAUSD school board and Superintendent Carvalho at their next board meeting on February 13, 2024. By being a part of this petition, SEIU Local 99 members will put the LAUSD Board members on notice that Health Care Assistant work must be considered full-time work and be given at least 35 hours a week.

All HCAs are urged to sign the petition urging the board to expand the 7-hour positions to Health Care Assistants. And get ready to take action as we gear-up for contract negotiations where this will be a key issue.

Petitions begin today and can be submitted up to February 2, 2024.

When we fight we win! Let’s stand strong!

Show LAUSD that we are united by participating in the button up action, post on social media using the hashtag #QualitySchoolsBetterLives and #LAUSD and tag @seiu99.

Stay informed and active. Check out the LAUSD member workplace page on our website.

Our Unity is Our Voice!

If you are not yet a member of SEIU Local 99, you can sign-up at future membership meetings or sign-up online today. Remember: we have strength in numbers!

If you have any questions about this or job-related concerns, contact the SEIU Local 99 Member Resource Center at (213)637-0296 or, fill out an inquiry form at


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