“This is Nothing More Than Union-Busting”: SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias Responds to District Stalling and Attempts to Cut Student Services

LAUSD is trying to push back on the historic contract gains we fought so hard to win almost a year ago. They have been dragging their feet on establishing a process to increase the hours of Special Education Assistants, resisted increasing hours for Health Care Assistants, and now, they’re cutting the hours of Campus Aides, Supervision Aides and Teacher Assistants. They’re doing this in violation of labor law that requires the District to negotiate with our union, and knowing that many Campus and Supervision Aides will also lose eligibility for health care benefits.

Despite Superintendent Carvalho publicly stating there would be no layoffs, this is effectively a reduction in force. “This is nothing more than union-busting,” says Max Arias, SEIU Local 99 Executive Director and Chief Negotiator of our last LAUSD contract. “It’s pusing back on a power you demonstrated last year,” he says in this video addressing the membership.

As we head back into contract negotiations, LAUSD is trying to show us “who’s boss”, but we will NOT bow to the pressure, we will NOT be divided, and we will most definitely NOT allow the District to cut back on these essential student services, especially at a time when we need more investment, not less.

Let’s continue to stand union strong!✊✊✊ Continue purpling-up, buttoning-up and organizing your work sites, and let’s show the District we’re ready to take bold action to protect our contract and the vital student services we provide.

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