We Made a Difference On Election Day!

Union members were key to mobilizing voters for Graciela Ortiz and Tanya Ortiz Franklin for LAUSD School Board

SEIU Local 99 members took our organizing power directly to voters in the March 5 primary election.

Over two months, members knocked on doors, led phone banking efforts, and sent thousands of mailers, texts, and emails connecting with voters for Graciela Ortiz for LAUSD School Board District 5 and Tanya Ortiz Franklin for LAUSD Board District 7.

The latest vote count shows Graciela Ortiz moving forward to the general election in November and Tanya Ortiz Franklin winning the primary race. It’s clear that every vote matters and every door we knocked on made a difference.

SEIU Local 99 members can be proud of the work we did in this primary election to make our voices heard for quality public schools and good school jobs in our communities. Together, we win!

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