On Thursday, March 21, LAUSD Put “On Notice” During Informational Picketing on Strike Anniversary!

One year after leading the largest public education strike in U.S history, members at school sites throughout LAUSD lead informational picket lines on March 21 letting the district know that we are ready to negotiate our next contract. We are ready to build on our contract gains and fight for:

  • Wages Above the Poverty Line!
  • More Hours for Student Services – Now!
  • No Privatizing of Student Services to Outside Contractors!
  • More Staffing for Clean, Safe, & Supportive Schools for All!

We also called on LAUSD to honor the contract they signed with us a year ago by stopping the unlawful cuts to the work hours of Teacher Assistants, Campus Aides, Supervision Aides, and others.

Watch news coverage from the day of action.

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