Our Contract Protects Members from LAUSD Overpayment Errors. LAUSD Agrees It will Not Collect on August/September 2020 Overpayments. 

Last year, several members received notices from LAUSD stating that they were overpaid in August and/or September of 2020 and the district would be collecting the overpayment. Not so fast, we told the district.

Our contract states that there is a three-year limit on recovery of overpayment errors. We demanded to bargain with the district, and they acknowledged that time has run out and they cannot collect for the August/September 2020 overpayments. Affected members were sent a letter from the district stating the recovery period has ended and overpayment will not be collected.

Know your contract! Know your rights! 

To read your contract click here.

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  1. coffeelady05 March 29, 2024 at 12:45 pm

    What about those of us who have already been deducted this overpayment. Will we see any of this recompensated back?

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