Update: Implementation of 7-Hour Assignments for Special Education Assistants 

(BII) Services: Grievance Update 

Our actions and picketing are paying off because the district acknowledged that it prematurely – and in violation of the agreement they made with our Special Education Labor Management Committee – sent out a form to Special Education Assistants to opt-out of 7-hour assignments.

If you received this form, do not sign it. The district agreed to draft another form and send it to our Special Ed Labor Management Committee for review. After members on the LMC review it and get all questions answered, we will let the district know they can send the revised form.

Payment & Training for All Providing Behavioral Intervention Implementation (BII) Services: Grievance Update

According to our contract, Special Education Assistants assigned to provide additional behavioral intervention (BII) support duties to a specific student(s) through the IEP process will be paid a 5.5% differential during the period of the assignment. But the district has not been honoring our contract.

A grievance was filed, and we informed LAUSD that many members who are providing BII work were not paid for the last lump sum payment because the district is mandating others to input the information into Welligent and the assignment is not being recorded.

Our team also told the district that workers’ and students’ rights are being violated because members are being assigned to provide BII services without training. Any member assigned to provide BII services should not provide any services if they have not been properly trained. Providing services without proper training can create additional risks for both members and students.

We told the district they must pay all members providing BII services. If the district does not listen to our demands, we will step-up our actions and move it to the next level in the grievance process.

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