7-Hour Assignments for Special Ed Assistants/Trainees: New deadline to opt-out is Friday, April 12

SEIU Local 99 members on our Special Education Labor Management Committee met with LAUSD to review a revised form for Special Education Assistants and Trainees to opt-out of seven hour assignments. Committee members approved the revisions and LAUSD has sent out the revised form. Per our contract, all Special Education Assistants and Trainees will automatically become seven-hour positions. The district must fully implement this change by July 1, 2024. Members who choose to opt-out of 7-hour assignments must complete the revised form and return it to the district by Friday April 12, 2024.

Be aware that members who voluntarily choose to remain in 6 or 6.5-hour positions will continue on part-time status and will not lose any hours or benefits. Members who choose to change their hours in the future can make a request to the district by completing a Change of Assignment form.

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