Contract Negotiations Begin with LAUSD

Standing Strong to Stop Cuts to Hours; Improve Wages & Staffing Levels, Demand Respect!

On April 30, 2024, our bargaining team began negotiations with LAUSD for our next full contract. Click on the photo to watch a video from the team.

We let the district know we’re ready to fight for:

• Wages above poverty. The district has kept wages so low for so long that the raise we won in our last contract only brings the average wage to poverty level. We demand and deserve more.
• More hours to provide the full services students need. No cuts!
• Respect for workers. Stop the harassment. Stop the intimidation of workers.
• More staffing for clean, safe, supportive schools. If the district is serious about student health and safety, they need to invest in staffing.

We know the fight won’t be easy. Even before coming to the bargaining table, the district has already been trying to show who’s boss.

Many Campus Aides, Supervision Aides, Teacher Assistants, Special Education Assistants, and other essential workers have been told their hours are being cut next school year or they’ve been deceived into self-demoting.

Other staff is being reduced to less than 4 hours, so the district doesn’t have to pay for health care benefits. Shameful!

Make no mistake. This is all an attempt to stop our power. It’s union busting. It’s intimidation. It’s retaliation. And it’s illegal.

We’re fighting back. We showed our power last year. And we’re ready to show it again.

Take Action!
Informational Picket Lines – Wednesday, May 1 Join a picket line at your school or worksite or wear purple if there is no picket line near you.

International Workers Day Rally – Wednesday, May 1. 2pm – Rally; 3pm – March. Meet at 6100 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028. We’ll be joining with hundreds of workers from throughout the city to demand fair wages and the right to strike for all.

Stop the Carvalho Cuts Rally – Tuesday, May 7, 4:30pm – 6:00pm at LAUSD Headquarters 333 S Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017.
We will rally strong with UTLA teachers at the LAUSD board meeting to demand that Carvalho and the district reverse the cuts and fully fund our schools. Bus transportation and Metro Tap cards are available. Sign-up here.

The fight for our next contract is on. We’re ready.

When we fight, we win!

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