Members vote ‘Yes’ to ratify agreement with SMMUSD

Wage increases, bonus, more approved

SEIU Local 99 members overwhelmingly voted to accept the tentative agreement (TA) with SMMUSD securing hard-fought victories. Next step is for the board at SMMUSD to ratify the TA at their next board meeting. Once the board approves it, the contract goes into effect. 

What We Won:

Members united to vote ‘yes’ ensuring a significant 18% wage increase over two years that coupled with our previous 10% increase totals a 28% raise. This is how the 18% wage increase breaks down:

  • January 1, 2024 – 5% wage increase + retroactive pay to 1/24
  • July 1, 2024 – 3% wage increase 
  • 2024-25 school year – Two step adjustment effective on step increase date = 5% increase
  • 2025-26 school year – Two step adjustment effective on step-increase date = 5% increase


  • $1000 bonus for all upon ratification of the agreement
  • 1 additional bereavement day for a death outside of immediate family.
  • $20,000 life insurance benefit at no cost to the employee.
  • Increased basis for Security Officers, Paraeducators, Health Office Specialists, and Food & Nutrition Service Workers. 
  • Improved health care benefits for part time workers, including reduced out-of-pocket costs for workers. 

Calculate your wage increase HERE.

Read the full language of the agreement here.

Remember: we have strength in numbers! 

SEIU Local 99 Alex Hernandez-Cisneros, Custodian at Lincoln Middle School talks about our wins and the fight ahead, “SEIU Local 99 members came together and took action to win one of our strongest contracts ever. The picket lines and speak-outs we led really made a difference. But the fight is not over. Let’s continue to grow our power to win more.”

If you are not yet a member of SEIU Local 99, you can sign up at future membership meetings or sign-up online today. 

If you have any questions about negotiations or job-related concerns, contact your organizer Margaret Williams at (213) 304-9684 or, by email at

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