Were Your Hours Reduced for Next School Year?

LAUSD violated our contract. We’re fighting to restore all hours. Add your name to the class action charges.

LAUSD has been notifying workers that their hours have been cut or their positions eliminated next school year because of a lack of funding.

These cuts are unlawful because the district failed to negotiate with SEIU Local 99 as required by law.

Furthermore, many workers were pressured or threatened into self-reducing their hours because they were told they would lose their jobs if they did not agree to a cut in hours.

Even worse, the cuts are unnecessary because LAUSD has over $6 billion in budget reserves.

LAUSD’s attempt to cut back hours and positions is a clear violation of our contract and the Educational Employment Relations Act.

Our union has filed Unfair Practice Charges with the CA Public Employment Relations Board to demand that LAUSD rescind the cuts and restore the hours and benefits.

If you were asked to reduce your hours, informed that your hours would be reduced, or told that your position was being eliminated, please take a moment to complete this form to add your name to the class action charges and ensure that your hours and benefits will be fully restored as we move forward with this case.

Remember: You have the right to speak out to have your hours restored. It is protected by law. Supervisors cannot threaten or retaliate against you. If you experience any kind of intimidation, report it to SEIU Local 99 immediately by completing an inquiry form at www.seiu99.org/inquire

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