SEIU Local 99 bargaining team members reached Tentative Agreement with LACOE in Contract Reopener Negotiations

Members Must Vote to Accept Agreement

In our last negotiations session with Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) on Tuesday, May 7th SEIU Local 99 bargaining team members negotiated a strong tentative agreement on the following articles:

  • Article V Grievance Procedures
    • Fought back against changes proposed by the Office, left as it.
  • Article VII Leaves of Absence Vacations and Holidays
    • Improved language around illness verification, light duty return to work assignments, & vacation of 8 hours or less without prior approval.
  • Article XVI Layoff & Displacement Procedures
    • Strengthened language for potential layoffs & displacements.
  • Article X Transfer Procedures
    • Included language to ensure seniority is factored in for transfer criteria.

Read the language of the full tentative agreement: HERE.

Voting Information

Voting is taking place online from Friday, May 31st starting at 7AM through Tuesday, June 6th ending at 5 PM. A link to your unique ballot will be sent to the email and mobile phone number we have on file for you. Look for an email from and a text message from area code 877. The ballot link will be sent by Election Buddy, the neutral, third party vendor we have contracted to conduct the election. The ballot link is unique to you, please do not forward it.

If you do not receive a ballot on Friday, May 31 at 7am, please complete the form below. Please note: There is a membership verification process, please request a ballot by 4PM Monday, June 5th to receive it through email and/or text.

Only SEIU Local 99 members are eligible to vote. If you’re not yet a member, sign up online.

There will also be in-person voting taking place from 10 AM to 5:30 PM Wednesday 6/5 at the LACOE Education Center West Building, Room 610, 12800 Ardis Ave. Downey 90242.

The vote count will take place immediately after voting concludes at 5:30pm in the same room.

Layoffs Averted Again! – When we fight, we win!

The potential layoffs because of the lack of a fully executed contract between the County of Los Angeles and LACOE related to the GAIN offices have been rescinded. A fully executed & signed contract is now in place.

The GAIN Division RIF rescission form has been approved by Superintendent Duardo and the rescission letters have been sent to all members assigned that received layoff notices who are assigned to the GAIN offices.

If you have any questions about negotiations or job-related concerns, contact Troylynn Limar at (213) 219-7123 or, by email at

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