When We Fight, We Win! We Move LAUSD Board to Stop the Cuts!

Our actions and demands to stop the cuts moved the LAUSD board to approve a final budget for the 2024-25 school year that restores cuts to hours and benefits to workers providing services essential to student learning and safety. The budget included over $50 million to stabilize hours and benefits for classified employees.

That means Campus Aides, School Supervision Aides, Teacher Assistants, and others who were facing cuts next school year will get their hours and benefits back!  And it means students will continue to receive the support and services they need from workers they know and trust.

Next, we need to hold the district accountable. If you were notified this spring that your hours or position were cut or you resigned from your position due to the cuts, complete this Hours Restoration Report form.

The information you provide will help us hold the district accountable to ensure that all hours, benefits, and positions that were unlawfully cut are fully restored.

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