Executive Board

SEIU Local 99 is a democratically-run, member-driven organization. That means members govern and are at the heart of every decision in our union. At the head of our member-driven governance is our union’s Executive Board. Members elect the officers and executive board members from among their fellow union members.

Guided by SEIU Local 99’s Mission and Constitution & Bylaws, they make decisions about our union’s budget, policies, and other organizational matters. The officers and board members are active union members committed to representing the various divisions in our union and to organizing to build power for all working people.

Max Arias
Max AriasExecutive Director
Conrado Guerrero
Conrado GuerreroPresident
Elizabeth Thomas Parker
Elizabeth Thomas ParkerVice President
Agnes Braga
Agnes BragaSecretary
Damita Carey Smith
Damita Carey SmithTreasurer
John Lewis
John LewisLAUSD At-Large Delegate
Latosha Thompson
Latosha ThompsonLAUSD At-Large Delegate
Miguel Morales
Miguel MoralesLAUSD District 2 Delegate
Marisol Aguilar
Marisol AguilarLAUSD District 3 Delegate
Lynneier Boyd Peterson
Lynneier Boyd PetersonLAUSD District 4 Delegate
Jannette Verbera
Jannette VerberaLAUSD District 5 Delegate
Kathleen Ham
Kathleen HamLAUSD District 6 Delegate
Bart Weil
Bart WeilLAUSD District 7 Delegate
Adrian Cleveland
Adrian ClevelandSmall Public K-12 Delegate (Compton)
Kathy Yates
Kathy YatesSmall K-12 Delegate (Santa Monica Malibu)
Ramon Capiral
Ramon CapiralCounty Office of Education Delegate
Claudia Iraheta
Claudia IrahetaEarly Education Delegate
Carlos Diaz
Carlos DiazHigher Education Delegate
Christzann (Chris) Ozan
Christzann (Chris) OzanHigher Education Delegate
Maria Urenda
Maria UrendaHigher Education Delegate
Suetonius (Sue) Carrera
Suetonius (Sue) CarreraChild Care Delegate
Deanna Robles
Deanna RoblesChild Care Delegate
Ronnie Martin
Ronnie MartinRetirees Delegate