George Gascón


George Gascón has developed a national reputation as a leader of the criminal justice reform movement. A former beat cop, Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and elected District Attorney, Gascon’s 40-year career in law enforcement has taken him from the streets of L.A. to the highest ranks of law enforcement and to the courtroom. No one has more experience making our neighborhoods safe and working with our diverse communities.

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Not Incarceration.

Since 1980, California has decreased education spending by 13% while increasing spending on prisons by an astonishing 436%!

Instead of perpetuating a broken criminal justice system that over-criminalizes brown and black youth from low-income communities, we believe the state should be ensuring every family has equitable access to a good education and investing more in our most at-risk populations.

Under Gascón’s leadership, San Francisco experienced a dramatic decline in youth crime, arrest and incarceration rates, and became the first major city in the U.S. to close a juvenile hall. Part of this effort included the creation of the Make it Right program, which gives young criminal offenders the opportunity to repair the harm, address root causes and make amends instead of being charged.

Gascón also co-authored Proposition 47 to unwind California’s involvement in the war on drugs and save California $800,000 per day that is being reinvested in K-12 education and victim, substance abuse and mental health services.

This is what the “education, not incarceration” as policy looks like. Common sense criminal justice reform. This is why we believe George Gascón, as L.A. District Attorney, will bring a brighter future for Angelenos!

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