Election Day is November 3rd

Meet Patricia
On the Issues

School board members decide on a number of things that impact our jobs and
the quality of student services.

They vote on our collective bargaining contract, and make policy and budget decisions that impact staffing levels, training, wages, benefits and other issues that impact our jobs. This is why we need partners on the school board who understand that the student services we provide go hand-in-hand with the quality of education.

Patricia Castellanos gets that. She shares our belief that all students should have access to a quality public education – no matter where they live, where they come from, their abilities, or the color of their skin. As a proven community leader, Patricia has a record of fighting for working families and quality public education. 

Patricia Castellanos was raised within the district, in Carson, and raised her daughter in San Pedro. She’s a first grader at a local LAUSD elementary school. If elected, Castellanos would be the only current LAUSD parent on the Board. She will be a progressive voice who will always stand up for quality public education. Her record as a community organizer and progressive policy advocate is a clear indication of where she stands:

  • She co-founded Reclaim Our Schools L.A. (ROSLA), a coalition of parents, teachers, students, school staff, and community organizations working to build support for public schools – and all students in L.A.
  • As Deputy Director at L.A. Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), she led the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, which fought for and won a landmark agreement that reduced truck emissions at the Port and surrounding neighborhoods, helping tens of thousands of local children breathe cleaner air. She also was appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Eric Garcetti.
  • She currently serves as L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s Workforce Deputy, and began her career as an organizer and then Director of Policy Training and Education at Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE).

On the Issues

Before a school board candidate is considered for endorsement by SEIU Local 99 members, each candidate must respond to a written questionnaire on where they stand on a variety issues from funding to outsourcing and worker rights. This is a summary of where Patricia stands on the issues we care about.

Overall Candidate Budget and Policy Priorities

  • Fully funding our schools
  • Ensuring the growth of the community schools model at LAUSD
  • Ensuring accountability and oversight of charter schools
  • Providing a complete education for students from low-income families including providing nutrition, health care and social services
  • Improving academic achievement
  • Lowering staff ratios
  • Improving employee retention by ensuring good pay and benefits, and improving workplace respect, career ladders, and professional development opportunities
  • Improving student services

On Improving Our Jobs and Protecting Worker Rights

  • Will engage with LAUSD’s union partners on key decisions that affect employees and ensure they have a voice at the table
  • Will increase transparency in the current budget and fight for structural changes statewide to increase education funding
  • Will focus on increasing funding for special education
  • Will focus on expanding programs that provide opportunities for classified employees to work more hours, especially to meet eligibility requirements
  • Is against outsourcing student services
  • Supports Projects Labor Agreements for District facilities construction
  • Will fight to uphold workers’ rights to organize and join a union, and will counter efforts by anti-union groups to weaken collective bargaining rights
  • Will ensure employee information is secured and confidential
  • Supports the right of charter school employees to organize and form a union

On Improving Education and the Community

  • Supports the passage of Schools & Communities First in order to increase overall funding for education and public services
  • Supports decision-making on the use of resources at the local and school site level and will ensure ways to measure success
  • Supports increased oversight of charter school approvals in order to protect neighborhood schools from loss of funding
  • Believes in stronger regulations and accountability for charter schools, including compliance with the Brown Act, requiring charters to hire credentialed teachers and increasing job standards for workers
  • Supports bringing existing county public services closer to families via the Community Schools model
  • Will challenge the Trump Administration’s Public Charge rule and do everything within the law to protect students and families
  • Will support BII training for existing Special Education Assistants and believe these services should remain in the district instead of outsourced
  • Supports the Student Equity Needs Index (SENI)

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