Election Day is November 3rd

Meet Scott
On the Issues

School board members decide on a number of things that impact our jobs and
the quality of student services.

They vote on our collective bargaining contract, and make policy and budget decisions that impact staffing levels, training, wages, benefits and other issues that impact our jobs. This is why we need partners on the school board who understand that the student services we provide go hand-in-hand with the quality of education.

Throughout his long career in public education, Scott Schmerelson has understood it takes a team to deliver quality education. He shares our belief that all students should have access to a quality public education – no matter where they live, where they come from, their abilities, or the color of their skin. As an experienced leader in education Scott has a record of improving schools, school jobs, and the policies that govern them. This is why SEIU Local 99 members support him for re-election to the LAUSD Board of Education.

Scott Mark Schmerelson is a life-long educator who has spent over 35 years working closely with students, parents and his school site colleagues.

Scott began his career as a high school Spanish teacher in Philadelphia and joined the LAUSD family five years later. His service with LAUSD began with a 12-year stay at Virgil Middle School as a teacher, school counselor and Assistant Principal. He later became an Assistant Principal at Griffith Middle School in East Los Angeles for 5 years and the Principal at Lawrence Middle School in Chatsworth for 5 years. Scott retired as Principal of Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Middle School in South Los Angeles after 10 years of service that included significantly improving test scores, a deteriorated physical plant, and student, teacher and parent morale.

Scott has been the treasurer of the Middle Schools Principals’ Association and is currently the treasurer of the Cuban-American Teachers’ Association. He is a member of the Association of California School Administrators and served a two year term as President of Region 16. He is currently the Executive Director of Region 16 which encompasses the entire Los Angeles Unified School District.

On the Issues

Before a school board candidate is considered for endorsement by SEIU Local 99 members, each candidate must respond to a written questionnaire on where they stand on a variety issues from funding to outsourcing and worker rights. This is a summary of where Scott stands on the issues we care about.

Overall Budget and Policy Priorities

  • Advocating for fair and adequate school funding
  • Fully staffing LAUSD schools, including full wrap-around student services
  • Protecting health and retirement benefits, and collective bargaining rights for LAUSD employees
  • Addressing declining enrollment in neighborhood public schools
  • Fair and equitable budgeting that is transparent

On Improving Our Jobs and Protecting Worker Rights

  • Will continue to press for increasing staffing levels where it’s needed the most
  • Will meet with SEIU Local 99 bargaining unit representatives to assess the needs of members
  • Will continue to support fair wages and benefits for all employees
  • Supports equitable access to health care benefits for all LAUSD employees and will look into benefits for 4-hour employees
  • Is against contracting out student services and has a record of challenging attempts to contract out
  • Supports having Project Labor Agreements for District facilities constructions and will insist on supporting minority-owned and women-owned businesses
  • Encourages all employees be part of their union and opposes “right to work” organizations and their activities
  • Supports the right of charter school employees to organize and form a union
  • Believes unionized employees would reduce high turnover and increase productivity at charter schools
  • Supports existing Special Education Assistants doing BII work

On Improving Education and the Community

  • Will ensure schools receive fair and equitable resources in order to support the needs of all students
  • Will ensure the district’s most challenged schools have experienced staff and smaller class sizes by offering incentives
  • Supports community schools and wrap-around services for students and families
  • Supports the district moving to a decentralized structure that maintains critical centralized support services, training and guidance for school sites
  • Insists on complete transparency and accountability of charter management organizations that fail to provide a good education
  • Will advocate for expansion of community schools that offer wrap-around services for students and families, and believes classified employees should play a vital role in providing many services, especially after school programs, workforce development and parent engagement
  • Will fight against the Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” rule that would deny eligible immigrants from attaining permanent residency if they use certain public programs
  • Supports the Student Equity Needs Index (SENI) and will expand the program to include high need schools not currently designed as a SENI shcool
  • Supports Schools & Communities First Funding Act

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