Collective Bargaining for
Child Care Providers

Collective Bargaining for Child Care Providers

Across our nation, women are standing up to demand respect in the workplace and the public sphere, and California’s child care providers—a predominantly female profession—are leading the march to empower themselves and other women, while raising the future of this state.

These strong women are fighting for a union and the right to collectively bargain. Collective bargaining will give providers a platform to lift themselves up, advocate for long-overdue systemic improvements to child care services, and improve access for hundreds of thousands of parents who rely on child care.

Without the right to collectively bargain:

  • Nearly half of all child care providers in California will continue to rely on some form of public assistance to make ends meet.
  • They will continue to be unjustly excluded from basic labor rights and protections, such as earning a minimum wage and workers compensation.
  • They will continue to work two or three jobs and still barely scrape by.
  • The risk of turnover and the impact on parents who rely on accessible child care, will remain high.

Sign a petition in support of child care providers’ right to collectively bargain with the State of California. Let decision-makers in our government know that this is an issue that you care about and you want to see change.

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