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Elected officials make important decisions that affect our jobs, funding for our schools, health care, housing , and other issues that affect our livelihoods and communities. On November 6, 2018, we’ll be electing leaders that will impact the future of California and our country. SEIU members and leaders from Locals across the state came together to decide which candidates running for office were worthy of our support and our votes. We reviewed their records and asked them questions about issues that matter to us, including their positions on collective bargaining rights for child care providers, summer relief for school workers, and how they will uphold our American values.

The following candidates are recommended by SEIU members. Let’s put our political power to work by voting and getting the vote out!

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SEIU California has endorsed Gavin Newsom as California’s next governor.

As public education workers, our goal is not only to elect the next Governor, but to also hold him accountable on the issues we care about. We will work to ensure that Gavin Newsom understands the importance of supporting summer unemployment relief for school workers and collective bargaining rights for child care providers.

“I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of the 700,000 working people of SEIU California and proud to share their vision for a strong, diverse, dynamic and just California that can only be achieved when working people have the power that comes from joining together in their unions,” said Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. “The key to accomplishing economic equity is ensuring more working people have the power and the right to organize. SEIU members are defending and advancing California’s values on the most crucial issues facing our state — health care, home care, criminal justice, early education to higher education, and respect for every person’s hard work, regardless of immigration status. Every day, these hard-working women and men are showing our state how a collective voice makes a difference and moves us closer to the society we aim for. As California’s next Governor, I will be proud to stand with SEIU members to create a California that respects workers’ voices and delivers on the promise of opportunity for all.”

Gavin Walks a Day in the Shoes of a SEIU Member

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“When my mother took me with her to clean luxurious home as a child she was not only teaching me hard work and responsibility, she was teaching me to dream. She taught me that if I worked hard and focused on education, I could do anything. But it was her work ethic that inspired me and taught me to care about others. Education open so many doors for me. That is why I will push to make education a national priority.”

Kevin shouldered our fight for $15 minimum wage across the finish line, holds a strong record on environmental justice, and fought valiantly to protect our immigrant communities when the Trump Administration moved to openly attack them and divide families.

Our endorsement was announced after SEIU members from across the state participated in the union’s One Voice Town Hall. We met with the candidates, asked them their thoughts and positions on issues that matter to us, and then together, made our endorsement choice.

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“In my life, education has been the great equalizer that allowed me overcome humble beginnings. I want the same opportunities for all of California’s kids.”

Tony Thurmond was born in Fort Ord in Monterey County to a mother who immigrated from Panama with dreams of becoming a teacher. After his father left the family when he was a child, his mother was left to raise him and his three brothers until she passed away from cancer. After her passing, Tony and his brothers went to live with a cousin who provided them a safe haven and made sure they received a good education. It was this education that Tony credits with becoming a social worker, and later, a career in public service as a city council and school board member, and now as a California State Assembly Member.

Tony has deep roots in public education. As a Superintendent of Public Instruction, he will make improving public education a priority by:

  • Increasing per pupil funding
  • Investing in the men and women who provide support services to students by providing more opportunities for professional growth
  • Fighting to keep public education public and out of the hands of billionaire investors and corporations that seek only to privatize and profit at the expense of our school employees and students

Tony Walks a Day in the Shoes of a SEIU Member

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