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There is a public education funding crisis in California. California is the fifth-largest economy in the world, yet ranks 44th in the United States in per-pupil funding.

At LAUSD schools, this funding crisis has led to cutbacks to student programs and services, cuts to staff and work hours, and to larger class sizes. LAUSD needs a solution so we can start investing in students and good jobs again.

Measure EE will raise much-needed funds that will go directly to increase staffing and improve student programs and services at LAUSD schools through a .16 cent per square foot parcel tax paid by property owners living within the boundaries of the school district. Measure EE will expire after 12 years.

How can we be sure that Measure EE funds will be spent as promised?
By law, all Measure EE funds, which will be kept in a separate account, must be used to support Los Angeles public schools and cannot be taken away by the state or federal governments. Also, by law, funds may only be spent on the specific programs and services identified in the language of the measure. All Measure EE funds are subject to independent oversight, annual independent audits and public reports detailing the use of funds.

Will my rent go up if Measure EE passes?
No. Los Angeles has rent stabilization laws that prevent landlords from increasing rent beyond what is allowable under these laws. Basically, it would be illegal for owners to pass down the additional tax as an add-on to your rent. If your landlord tries to increase your rent illegally, file a complaint with the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department. Their website is:

How will this affect the economy?
The key to a strong economy is a well-educated workforce.  By voting yes on Measure EE and investing in quality academic programs such as language arts, math, science, technology, the arts, vocational and career education, and preschool, we can provide students with safe and healthy schools and the quality education they’ll need for college and a career in a competitive economy. That’s good for all of us.

Who is supporting Measure EE?
It is endorsed by a wide group of labor, community, and civic leaders including SEIU Local 99, UTLA, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the Los Angeles City Council.

How much will it cost?
Property owners will pay .16 cents per square foot of the home or buildings they own. The cost of Measure EE is based on the size of the building on a property so everyone pays their fair share. Owners of larger homes and businesses would pay more than owners of smaller properties. For example, the owner of a 2,000-square foot home would pay $320 per year or as little as $25 per month. The owners of big properties like the 1,432,540-square foot US Bank Tower in Downtown LA would pay approximately $229,206.

When can we vote on Measure EE?
Election day is Tuesday, June 4. If you vote by mail, you will receive your ballot the week of May 6. Your ballot must be postmarked on or before June 4 in order to be counted.



The number of school maintenance jobs that were cut between 2007-2014.
The ratio of Campus Aides to students
Where California ranks in the U.S. in per-pupil funding.
The amount in millions Measure EE will generate for LAUSD schools every year for 12 years.


We know all too well that many of the challenges facing public education are due to a lack of funding and resources. The recent teachers strike by LAUSD teachers put a spotlight on this funding crisis. That’s why Measure EE is a critical part of the solution to getting our schools back on track. Funds generated by Measure EE will go toward improving:


We are the men and women who deliver quality education every school day through a myriad of student services from keeping schools clean to serving up lunch. These are our voices on the funding crisis.


Voters residing in LAUSD boundaries will cast ballots on Measure EE on Tuesday, June 4. If you are registered and eligible to vote, vote YES on Measure EE. SEIU Local 99 Members are also out in force talking to voters about Measure EE on the phone and in neighborhoods across L.A. Join them and together, we can lift up all LAUSD schools.



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