Tag LAUSD Superintendent & Board Members on your social media posts Demand: Fair Wages, Full-Time Work, Respect for All!

By |November 17th, 2022|LAUSD, LAUSD Bargaining Updates|

LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho Facebook: @albertocarvalho Instagram & Twitter: @LAUSDSup LAUSD Board President Kelly Gonez Facebook & Twitter: @KellyforLASchools LAUSD Board Vice President Nick Melvoin Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @nickmelvoinBD4 Board Member Scott Schmerelson Facebook & Twitter: @ScottAtLAUSD Instagram: @scott_at_lausd Board Member Dr. George McKenna Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @drgeorgemckenna Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin [Read more]

Meeting for SEIU Local 99 Members in LAUSD Food Service Tuesday, November 29 from 3-5pm

By |November 16th, 2022|LAUSD, Member Voices|

Meeting for SEIU Local 99 Members in LAUSD Food Service  Tuesday, November 29, 2022 SEIU Local 99 Office 2724 W 8th St, Los Angeles, 90005 3pm - 5pm Join LAUSD Food Service Workers to discuss what's happening in our cafeterias and food preparation areas. There's something rotten in the kitchen - and we're letting the district [Read more]

LAUSD Bargaining Update: District says there’s room to negotiate. So why don’t they?

By |November 10th, 2022|LAUSD, LAUSD Bargaining Updates|

November 10, 2022 - Our bargaining team met with LAUSD today and even though the district said “there is room to negotiate,” they didn’t move an inch on their wage proposal. So, let’s get them to move! On Tuesday, December 13, we’re going to LAUSD’s doorstep at their Downtown L.A. headquarters. Join us to [Read more]

Bargaining Update for Nov. 2, 2002: LAUSD Just Doesn’t Get It! Part-Time Won't Work. Students Need Full-Time Services

By |November 2nd, 2022|LAUSD, LAUSD Bargaining Updates|

During our bargaining session with LAUSD on November 2, the district continued to say that there is not enough “student need” to increase hours. Really? Then why are so many workers working off-the-clock? Why are there so many Special Education Assistants who work before and after their regular shifts so students are not left [Read more]

Demand Respect for Education Workers! Clean, Safe, Supportive Schools for All!

By |November 2nd, 2022|LAUSD, LAUSD Bargaining Updates|

March & Rally Tuesday, December 13, 2022 4:00pm LAUSD Headquarters 333 S Beaudry Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90017 Dire staffing shortages at LAUSD are making it difficult to ensure clean, safe and supportive schools for all students. LAUSD can recruit and retain more staff by paying the wages we [Read more]

Bargaining Update for Oct. 28, 2022: LAUSD Shows Some Movement – But Not Enough. Time to ramp-up our action!

By |October 30th, 2022|LAUSD, LAUSD Bargaining Updates|

Bargaining Update: Our Actions Are Moving LAUSD – But Not Enough. Let’s Keep Pushing! It’s clear our escalating picket lines, purple-up days, emails to the Superintendent & Board, and marches-on-the-boss are having an impact. During our contract negotiations on October 28, district offered a new wage proposal and stronger protections against lay-offs and [Read more]

LAUSD Bargaining Update: We Demand Equity & Respect!

By |October 13th, 2022|LAUSD, LAUSD Bargaining Updates|

Our bargaining team met with LAUSD on October 13, 2022, and the district continued to show their disrespect. Even though they said they wanted to “expedite” negotiations, the district did not budge on its low-ball wage offer:Zero $ wage increase for 20205% increase for 2021-224% increase and a 3% one-time bonus for 22-234% increase [Read more]

Early Care and Education Meet and Greet with Maria Brenes! Saturday, October 15 at 9:00 a.m.

By |October 13th, 2022|Child Care Providers, Events, LAUSD, Mexican American Opportunity Fund|

Join us this Saturday to learn how we can help Maria Brenes get elected! Maria is a candidate for the LAUSD School Board and has pledged to work with SEIU Local 99 members to increase access to early education and ensure clean, safe, and supportive schools for all!

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