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“Health crisis or not, I’ve always known my job is essential”

By |2020-05-19T09:00:44-07:00May 15th, 2020|Member Voices|

Enga (right) at the 2016 SEIU Convention in Detroit. Enga Chatman, Security Officer, Lynwood Unified School District “I miss being on the campus, interacting with students. You build a bond with them,” says Enga Chatman, who works as a Security Officer at Cesar Chavez Middle School, part of Lynwood Unified School District. [...]

“These kids need love so they can endure.”

By |2020-05-19T09:01:45-07:00May 13th, 2020|Member Voices|

Gloria Murrietta, Food Service Worker, Los Angeles Unified School District Gloria Murrietta doesn’t want to hear it. Don’t talk to her about being worried or scared about the pandemic. Of course, she’s concerned, she says. She sees worry in the faces of the hundreds of children and families who come to Dorsey High [...]

“We are essential workers – everyone needs child care.”

By |2020-05-29T12:26:29-07:00May 13th, 2020|Child Care Providers, Member Voices|

By Sylvia Hernandez, Family Child Care Provider, Van Nuys Sylvia Hernandez (left) enjoys early shopping access at Costco Van Nuys will fellow providers. Sylvia helped providers win front-of-the-line access after hearing about a union sister's success in Richmond, CA. I started my journey into early education and development over 19 years [...]

“I really feel like I’m helping my community during this crisis.”

By |2020-04-24T13:55:42-07:00April 24th, 2020|Member Voices|

By Clara Torres, Food Service Worker, Dorsey High School Clara Torres - 30 years of feeding the body and mind of LAUSD students. The pandemic has shut down schools but every morning Food Service Worker Clara Torres leaves home at 5:45am to do a job she’s done for more than 30 [...]

“I’m not afraid. I’m a fearless person. I grew up in Central America so I know how to survive.”

By |2020-05-27T15:23:11-07:00April 23rd, 2020|Member Voices|

By Zoila Toma, Family Child Care Provider I’m a child care provider in Signal Hill, California and member of SEIU Local 99. I’ve been doing this for eight years, so when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, I’m used to it and I’m prepared. I have parents drop their children at the door and [...]

“I’m Caring for the Kids of Essential Workers in Compton”

By |2020-04-21T16:13:39-07:00April 21st, 2020|Member Voices|

By Renaldo Sanders, Child Care Provider in Compton, California Renaldo Sanders with some of the books at Sanders Family Day Care in Compton, California. I'm a licensed quality childcare provider in the wonderful city of Compton, California. I provide teaching and activities that are age and developmentally appropriate for the children in [...]

“When the schools closed, everything changed.”

By |2020-04-21T16:11:58-07:00April 21st, 2020|Member Voices|

By Susana Muñoz, Building & Grounds Worker, Esteban Torres High School Our job is to disinfect classrooms, doors, computers that are being released to students, everything in detail. The work is important and needs to be done. My own children are in school and, as a parent, I know that you feel safer [...]

Join the Movement for Environmental Justice April 22 – 24!

By |2020-04-22T12:03:52-07:00April 6th, 2020|Events, Member Voices, People-Powered Politics|

This year, as the entire world is impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Earth Day has a special significance. Join SEIU Local 99 members as we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and come together with working people around the world for solidarity and inspiration as we face this crisis together.

How Teacher’s Assistant Guadalupe Valdovinos Got Her Job Back!

By |2019-12-26T14:56:30-08:00December 26th, 2019|LAUSD, Member Voices|

Teacher’s Assistant Guadalupe Valdovinos (Flournoy Elementary) was unfairly dismissed on Feb 20, 2019. She knew she was protected by her union contract and after reaching out to the membership resource center she won her case. Guadalupe will be reinstated, with backpay, and no loss of seniority. That’s union power!

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