Bargaining Update: TAS won’t move on wages!

2018-09-10T09:16:43+00:00September 7th, 2018|TAS|

On September 6, we resumed our contract negotiations with TAS. They had no wage proposal to offer us. Enough is enough! After nearly a year in negotiations, TAS has proven it is not serious about reaching a fair agreement with real wage increases and respect on the job. Our bargaining committee has decided to declare an impasse in negotiations. This means that we cannot move any further in our contract bargaining without the help of a mediator.

Mobilizing TAS Parents for a Fair Contract

2018-09-10T14:52:43+00:00August 24th, 2018|TAS|

Dedicated education workers at The Accelerated Schools (TAS) are currently in contract negotiations to reach a fair contract that uplifts our community and students. We are committed to winning an agreement that respects our jobs, raise our wages, and guarantees us a voice on the job to resolve issues that may arise in the workplace. But, TAS has been stalling and acting in bad faith.