Building a stronger union to make providers’ lives better!

Because we have advocated tirelessly for higher rates, access to advanced training, and a voice in state-level policy, we now have the opportunity to be recognized as the official family child care provider union – and win permanent, binding improvements for ourselves, the children and their families.

Our vision continues to be to:  

  • Improve the lives and wellbeing of family child
    care providers by winning fair compensation
    that reflects the true costs of running a child
    care business
  • Having access to benefits, like retirement
    and paid time off.
  • Ensure that all children and their families
    regardless of zip code, gender, nationality,
    language, income, or ability have access to
    affordable & excellent family child care services

Here’s how we can achieve our vision

  • 1. BECOME A SELF-SUFFICIENT UNION: Up until now our local unions have been operating financially with the dues monies from non-child care members to support our work, meaning other workers, such as public school teachers, bus drivers, home care providers, have been supplementing our victories and helping us pay for the work that goes behind each one of our victories. This is not sustainable. Creating our own dues structure allows CCPU to become self-reliant and create a future that allows us to forge our own path.

  • 2. WIN A STRONG SECOND CONTRACT: Our historic first contract with the state laid the groundwork to win respect for our profession. As we begin negotiating our second contract, our top priorities are:

    • Fair Compensation: Rate reform that reflects the
      true costs of running a childcare business
    • Access to Retirement Benefits
    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Provider inclusion in TK conversations & implementation 
  • 3. ESCALATE OUR ACTIONS AND BUILD OUR CONTRACT ACTION TEAM: Winning a strong second contract is not just won at the bargaining table, it’s going to take all of us. We must be ready to fight for what providers deserve to help us build towards making Family Child care a career that will retain and recruit more people into the industry. We must make our voices heard by making phone calls to the governor when they’re needed, strengthening the connections with our allies that will help us elevate our negotiations, share our stories, and attend rallies and conferences!

  • 4. GROW OUR UNION. Our power as a union is only as powerful as our membership, our numbers give us the upper hand in negotiations. Together, we can ensure that dedicated providers have the same basic benefits and protections as other essential education workers.

  • 5. We negotiate our contract with the state. No one knows better than providers what we need to improve our profession and our livelihoods. That’s why a team of providers are at the bargaining table with the state negotiating our contract. Last November, CCPU/ SEIU Local 99 members elected providers to be part of the negotiations team that will work with the statewide CCPU team to negotiate providers’ second contract with the state of California. The statewide bargaining team is made up of members from SEIU Local 99, SEIU Local 521, and AFSCME-UDW 3930. Here are the members who will be representing CCPU/ SEIU Local 99 at the bargaining table:


    • Cristian Corona
    • Leidy Bernascon
    • Saul Hurtado
    • Sylvia Hernandez


    • Bernice Jimmons
    • Domonique McQuarters
    • Justine Flores
    • Shannon Fields Benjamin


    • Zonia Sanchez
  • 6. We vote on our second contract! Once we come to an agreement with the state of California, a majority members (of those who participating in the vote) of Child Care Providers United must ratify, or vote to approve, our agreement.