Our Plan to Win

Coming together and ensuring that the state recognizes our union so we can negotiate a contract requires several steps. Here’s what it’s going to take:

  • 1. Child care providers come together. We must first pass a state law that establishes our right to collectively bargain with the State of California. Working with CA Assembly Member Monique Limon, providers have introduced the Building a Better Early Care and Education System Act (AB378). This bill is currently going through the legislative process. 

  • 2. We show that our union is ready to be recognized by the state. To do this, we must collect signatures from a majority California’s child care providers. Once we’ve collected enough signatures on authorization cards, we notify the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) we want to become a union and hold an official election, showing the state that a majority of providers are interested in uniting.

  • 3. We vote ‘YES’ to form our union. All we need is a simple majority to win the right to negotiate a legal, binding contract with the state.

  • 4. We win our union and elect a Bargaining Team. Child Care Providers will be a part of the bargaining team that sits down to negotiate our first contract with the state. All union members in good standing are eligible to be nominated and to elect providers who will be a part of the bargaining team.

  • 5. We negotiate our contract with the state. Our Bargaining Team will negotiate our contract with the state of California. Our team will include child care providers and union negotiators.

  • 6. We vote on our first contract! Once we come to an agreement with the state of California, a majority members (of those who participating in the vote) of Child Care Providers United must ratify, or vote to approve, our agreement.