The Privileges, Benefits and Perks of Being a Union Member

As an Active Member of SEIU Local 99 in good standing, you’re united with thousands of education workers and you ensure that we have the strength to continue to improve our jobs and the student and family services we provide. Plus, you’re eligible for the full privileges, benefits and perks of membership described below.

Vote in contract ratifications and other special agreements

Have your say in contracts and agreements that impact your job. When your unit’s bargaining team presents a tentative agreement and you like it, as a member, you can make sure it gets ratified when it’s put up for a vote. If you don’t like it, you can just as easily say ‘No’. Non-members don’t have voting privileges.

Vote in union elections

Choose the member leaders who will represent our union in public and at the bargaining table.

Hold union office

Ready to lead? As a member, you can run for union office and represent your fellow workers.

Participate in member-only events

Including our popular Annual Family Picnic, General Membership Meetings, Executive Board Meetings and special events.

Benefits through collective bargaining agreements

The contract between SEIU Local 99 and your employer was negotiated by union members on your behalf and guarantees your benefits, including:

    • Health care benefits
    • Pension benefits
    • Other negotiated benefits

SEIU Local 99 represents workers from several different bargaining units. If you want to know your specific benefits, read your contract.

Programs and services through Union Plus and SEIU Member Benefits

  • Legal Services
  • Mortgage and Real Estate Savings Program
  • Union Privilege Credit Card/Secured Credit Card
  • Health Savings
  • Accident Insurance
  • Education Loans
  • Union Family Savers

Free First Aid and CPR Training Certification

First aid and CPR certification is required for many classifications, but it can be expensive. That’s why your union offers free training classes to all members throughout the year. Classes take place in all three of our offices and are led by American Red Cross training personnel. See our class schedule for upcoming classes.


Access exclusive entertainment, travel, restaurant, product, and service discounts through our union office and on online.