Staying Informed

The power we have at work, in our community, and in the political arena, comes not just from our unity, but also from being informed, educated, and engaged on multiple fronts. SEIU Local 99 offers several learning resources and ways to know what’s going on—whether it’s about an issue affecting your job or industry, legislative, or election campaigns. A Central Hub for Everything Local 99

The mobile-friendly SEIU Local 99 website serves as the place to go for everything relevant to you—as a union member and education worker. The website is also as an entry point to get involved on issues that matter to you.

Some things you can do on our website include:

  • Learning about and getting involved in city, state, and national legislative measures that impact your job and community.
  • Reading over the current contract between our union and your employer. This is the contract that safeguards your working conditions, guarantees your current wages your benefits and leave time, defines a wage scale, and much more.
  • Staying up-to-date during contract negotiations, and what’s going in your industry or district.
  • Getting help with problems on the job.
  • Finding and purchasing discounted tickets.

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