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Become a Steward

Stewards are the vital life stream of any local union. Stewards promote fairness at the work site, ensure our contract is enforced, and build our union’s strength by:

  • Working with management and field representatives to come up with solutions to workplace issues
  • Assisting members at work with filing grievances
  • Interpreting our contract
  • Organizing and conducting work site meetings
  • Sign-uping new members
  • Educating members about the importance of political action and our COPE Fund
  • Mobilizing members to take action in our current campaigns

Requirements to Become a Steward


  • New Stewards must attend two (2) trainings in their first year as a steward. This training must be completed within six (6) months of their being elected as a steward.
  • Re-elected Stewards must attend one (1) steward training in the first six (6) months of their new term


Stewards must engage in one (1) of the following activities throughout the course of every year in which she/he serves as a Steward for Local 99:

  • Attend union rallies
  • Attend Industry Division meetings
  • Mobilize coworkers on a work site issue
  • Conduct work site meetings
  • Participate in a Local Union sponsored campaign


Stewards shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.

Register for Steward Training

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