Help for Early Care and Education Members

If you have an issue or concern related to your job or have questions related to your contract, your Shop or Site Steward is the first person you should speak with. If you are a Family Child Care Provider or are unable to resolve your issue through your steward or there is no steward at your work site, please fill out an Inquiry Form or call the Member Resource Center (MRC).

Find Your Steward

Don’t know if there’s a steward at your work site or don’t know who he or she is? Click or tap below to find out. Note: Child care providers should contact their union representative.

Fill out an Inquiry Form

If your issue is not urgent and you need additional help, please fill out an Inquiry Form. A union organizer in your area typically responds within 24-48 hours.



MRC phone hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am – 4 pm. Before calling, please have all information and documentation relevant to your question or issue ready.