Jovanna Hernandez

Jovanna Hernandez

Organizer for Family Child Care Providers in East & West Los Angeles, North of South Bay, and West San Gabriel Valley

Hi! đź‘‹My name is Jovanna Hernandez, I come from East Los Angeles. I am an LAUSD alumna, my mother was a Community Rep, and my education has afforded me great privilege and understanding of the stark disparities out here. The thrill of organizing? Working with members to organize trainings and advocacy tools. At this stage of my career, I’m invested in empowering members to be be moved by government politics – how they sneak into every aspect of our lives, from our workplaces to our homes. I’m on a mission to build a tight-knit leadership base that’s ready to support each other in our fight for improvements. When I’m not deep in the organizing trenches, you’ll find me swimming laps like a champ, taking leisurely long walks with my family, and going on research adventures at the public library.

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If you are experiencing a problem at your work site and need help or if you believe there has been a violation of our contact, please fill out an Inquiry Form or call the Member Resource Center Monday through Friday between 9am – 5pm at 213-637-0296. Contact your organizer for questions about worksite actions, union meetings, updates on ongoing contract negotiations, signing-up for union membership, becoming a Steward, and general questions about your contract.

Bargaining Unit Updates

The CCPU Health Care Reimbursement Fund is here to help

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The CCPU Health Care Reimbursement Fund is here to help child care providers. The fund was created to help YOU pay for your medical expenses. This fund can help reduce—or in some cases eliminate—your out-of-pocket health care expenses. Join [Read more]

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