Report an Unfair Labor Practice

As SEIU Local 99 members at LAUSD continue to take action on a fair contract, the district is feeling the pressure. Supervisors and other bosses may begin using bullying tactics to discourage participation in your union.

Some of the most common ways bosses try to intimidate union members include:

  • Surveillance – Watching your every move and eavesdropping, especially when talking about union business.
  • Punishment – Retaliating against you for participating in union meetings/actions
  • Interrogation – Asking questions like, “do you support a strike?”
  • Threats – Like threatening to fire you if you strike.

Behavior like this is against the law and needs to be reported. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in contact regarding the incident(s). SEIU Local 99 members are protected by state and federal Labor Laws.

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