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Voices From the Front Lines

Voices From the Front Lines

In 2020, as schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many SEIU Local 99 members remained on the front lines helping students continue their education, disinfecting schools and workplaces, delivering grab-and-go meals to families in need and providing care, learning and stability to the children of other front-line workers.

For too long, many of our jobs have been undervalued by society. But in this crisis, our work is finally being recognized as essential. We share concerns about safety and have been strong voices for personal protective equipment and additional pay for all workers leaving their homes to provide critical services to our communities.

When asked their thoughts on being front-line workers, the sentiment you often hear is, “it’s important to keep things going” or “someone need to step-up and help.” This is who we are as education workers and these are our stories.

Background artwork by Dan Buller
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