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Child Care Providers

We’re building a bigger, stronger voice for ourselves and our children.

Child Care Providers are the most recent Industry Division to join SEIU Local 99. Our Executive Board voted to create a new Child Care Division within SEIU Local 99 on January 21, 2012. This means that Local 99 formally recognizes as members all family child care providers in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties who join us.

California’s family child care providers have worked for years to build a union. And they’ve got a diaper-pail-full of reasons for wanting one:

  • A broken child care system that has led to providers going months without pay to the point of having to close their doors
  • A lack of quality training
  • A need for higher standards so that all children being cared for in home settings are prepared for kindergarten
  • Thousands of families on waiting lists for their services.

We can now support one another in our mission to preserve quality jobs and a quality education for our children—from cradle to college! Child care providers will continue to need support. Their fight is not over. While they are now full members of SEIU Local 99, they are still fighting to be granted collective bargaining rights by the State. Until then, they are without a contract and without a seat at the table to fix the broken system.

Child Care Providers Blog

CCRC Introduces New Attendance Form: What You Need to Know!

By |June 13th, 2019|

In April, CCRC introduced a new attendance form so we asked to sit down and have a conversation so providers can ask questions. Together, we helped clarified our doubts and ensure we will get our payments on time. Tips for the new form are inside!

Child Care Providers Speak Out in Sacramento on International Workers Day

By |May 1st, 2019|

Child care providers , including dozens of members of SEIU Local 99, were joined by mothers, grandmothers, and community partners as they rallied in Sacramento and spoke directly with legislators on May 1st - May Day - for the right to negotiate with the state and to use their voice to make changes to California’s early childhood education system.

California’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education Supports Collective Bargaining for Child Care Providers

By |April 29th, 2019|Tags: |

On March 11, California's Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education delivered their draft recommendations. n these recommendations, under the Workforce section, was a strong support for collective bargaining for child care providers! This happened because of all the valiant stories providers from SEIU Local 99, SEIU Local 521, and UDW-AFSCME told across the state.

Tax Tips for Providers: Don’t Forget to File Before April 15

By |April 10th, 2019|

Providers came together in San Bernardino to learn about important changes for 2018 taxes. Our annual tax preparation workshop brought valuable insights for family child care providers to get the most out of their annual income taxes. Don’t forget to file your taxes before the deadline - April 15. Here are some valuable tips from our workshop.

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