Join Child Care Providers United – SEIU Local 99

Child Care Providers United (CCPU) is a union of thousands of child care providers throughout California working together to improve our profession and ensure every child has access to quality early learning and care. Together in our union, we have a strong voice and a seat at the table with the state of California to negotiate our pay and working conditions, including changes to rules, payment systems, access to affordable health care, retirement, and more! Become a member of Child Care Providers United – SEIU Local 99 and join the movement for quality child care.

As a union, our strength comes from hundreds of providers coming together to advocate for our profession, our communities, and the children we care for. Hosting a house meeting, visiting legislators, or helping other members have access to the required CPR training are all important components of our member-led organization. Check out the many ways you can stand union strong and help us grow our movement.

The Union Difference For Family Child Care Providers

What We’ve Won

  • A pathway to implement payment based on the actual cost of care

  • A subsidy rate increase per child beginning January 2024

  • $80 million per year for a historic first-of-its-kind retirement fund

  • $100 million ongoing per year health care funding

  • Additional funds for training and continuing education

  • Two-year extension of payment by enrollment not attendance

  • Additional child care slots for families

  • Changing the requirement for full time pay from 30 hours per week to 25 hours per week or more, better compensating providers for wrap-around care

  • Improved state funding for early care and education

Membership Benefits & Privileges

  • Right to Union Representation, including knowing your rights with agencies and the state
  • Free CPR/First Aid Classes
  • Free Professional Development Classes, including Special Education Workshops &
  • Business Finance Seminars
  • $5,000 annual tuition assistance
  • Free college benefit to earn an Associate’s Degree
  • CarinaCare registry to promote your child care to thousands of parents looking for quality care
  • Discounts on auto & home insurance, legal services, retail shopping & more
  • Right to vote on our union contract and other agreements impacting our pay and services
“We are making history! When we are united,we have a voice in early care and education. It’s impossible for lawmakers to ignore us or ignore the benefits we deserve. That’s why we need every single family child care provider across the state to join us and stand with us as we continue to fight for improved pay and benefits that recognize our hard work.”

Domonique McQuarters
Child Care Provider Member
CCPU/SEIU Local 99