SEIU Local 99 members have been in contract negotiations with LAUSD for months. But the district has shown no significant movement to improve our wages, hours and staffing levels.

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Enough is Enough! We must prepare to take strong action, including going on strike if the district does not move forward.

SEIU Local 99 members at LAUSD will be voting on authorizing a strike January 23 – February 10, 2023.


Voting is from January 23 – February 10, 2023.

Locations are updated daily with next-day voting sites.

Online voting will take place  February 6 – 10

Check your email and text messages starting on February 6 to access your digital ballot. Be sure SEIU Local 99 has your latest email and phone number.

Please note for voting at schools and work sites:

  • Voting is being conducted by members during their breaks and after school. For this reason, times are flexible.
  • For each location listed, “am” indicates voting is happening in the morning and “pm” indicates voting is happening after lunch or after school.
  • Voting at most schools/work sites concludes by 3:30pm each day.
  • Dates and locations are subject to change.

Click or tap your region to see voting times and locations.


Votes will be counted on Saturday, February 11 starting at 9am at SEIU Local 99’s office located at 2724 W. 8th St., Los Angeles, 90005.

SEIU Local 99 members are encouraged to attend. Only SEIU Local 99 members may observe the vote count. Official results will be posted immediately after the count on this website and Local 99’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. FOLLOW our pages to be among the first to get the vote results. Results will also be sent to members via email. Subscribe to receive emails here.


As SEIU Local 99 members at LAUSD continue to take action on a fair contract, the district is feeling the pressure. Supervisors and other bosses may begin using bullying tactics to discourage participation in your union.

Some of the most common ways bosses try to intimidate union members include:

  • Surveillance – Watching your every move and eavesdropping, especially when talking about union business.
  • Punishment – Retaliating against you for participating in union meetings/actions
  • Interrogation – Asking questions like, “do you support a strike?”
  • Threats – Like threatening to fire you if you strike.

Behavior like this is against the law and needs to be reported. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in contact regarding the incident(s). SEIU Local 99 members are protected by state and federal Labor Laws.


After months of negotiations, LAUSD has not made any significant movement to improve how we are compensated, including increasing our wages and hours. In fact, LAUSD has continued to disrespect workers for standing up for our rights and has committed numerous unfair labor practices.

To truly change the inequitable system at LAUSD that treats classified employees as second-class workers, we must be ready to take strong action, including going on a lawful strike.

This is a big decision and you may have many questions. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about your right to vote on a strike. If you have more questions, please contact your Steward or Union Organizer or fill out an Inquiry Form at

Our bargaining team has been in negotiations for our full contract with LAUSD since April 2021. The district has essentially rejected all of our proposals and made no real improvement to our wages and hours. After months of negotiations, it’s clear that further bargaining without the assistance of a third party mediator will not be productive. On December 22, 2022, our bargaining team declared an impasse. This means a state mediator will now try and help us reach an agreement. We are hopeful that an agreement can be reached, but if the district continues to stall and disrespect our rights, we must be ready to strike if we want to win
significant changes in our contract.

Managers do not have the right to ask you about your vote or if you are planning to strike in a hostile or coercive manner. Report any issues to SEIU Local 99 by completing the Unfair Labor Practice form.

The decision to go on strike will be made by the members of SEIU Local 99. There are two steps to the process:

  1. Strike Authorization Vote. Members will be deciding in an official strike authorization vote that will be held January 23 – February 10. If members vote to support a strike, this vote will give the elected members of our Bargaining Team permission to call for a lawful strike if we cannot reach an agreement during the impasse process.
  2. Strike. Our Bargaining Team will set a strike date and call for a strike. To be clear, our goal is not to strike, but if our bargaining team decides that a strike is necessary, it is critical that we show our power through our unity. If only a few members go on strike, the District will not be inclined to settle. The District’s response will depend on the strength of our participation.

The law gives us the right to call for a strike after we have exhausted the impasse process. We are currently engaged in this process. No dates have been set for a strike.

It is against labor law for employers to fire, permanently replace, retaliate against or discipline employees who participate in a lawful strike. In the event of a strike, it will be critical that workers document any retaliation and report it to our union immediately

We recognize that a strike means a personal sacrifice because you will not be paid your regular wages during the strike period. SEIU Local 99 will provide limited assistance including prepared meals for striking workers and their families and food pantry and community resources. Keep in mind that the District is required to pay you for any hours worked before or after the strike when you normally receive your paycheck.

One of the reasons we are considering a strike is to force the District to address working conditions that are impacting students, including staffing shortages. Low wage, part time work is making it difficult for LAUSD to recruit and retain enough staff for essential student services. We are demanding more staff to ensure clean, safe, and supportive schools for all students.