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Action Alert: Tell LAUSD to Stop Denying Summer Bridge Benefits

SEIU Local 99 education workers fought hard to pass California's Summer Bridge Fund law that provides school workers with a safety net to help them make it through the summer when no work is available. But LAUSD is wrongfully denying many workers access to the program and forcing families to struggle with hunger and eviction during the summer months. We've contacted the District repeatedly to fix this issue. But they refuse to move. It's time to take action.

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Bargaining with LAUSD for 2019-20 Wage Increases Begins!

We officially opened negotiations with LAUSD on June 18, 2019 over our 2019-2020 wage increases. Our Bargaining Team spoke before the school board to let them know we’re ready to bargain for fair and equitable raises and real solutions to staffing shortages that impact student learning.

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If You’re Not Participating in LAUSD Health Benefit Plans, You May Be Eligible for $3000 Cash Back

Our union health care benefits contract allows for eligible district employees to receive $3000 per year if they choose not to participate in LAUSD health care benefits plans and have health coverage through their spouse/domestic [...]

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Special Ed Assistants and a SLPA Talk About Their Work, the Need for More Funding, and Measure EE

On Tuesday, June 4, voters living in LAUSD boundaries will decide whether to pass Measure EE. If passed by two thirds of voters, Measure EE will generate $500 million a year for 12 [...]

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Special Ed Labor Management Committee Takes On Staffing & Student Safety Concerns

Members on our Special Education Labor Management Committee are working with LAUSD to implement the necessary training and staffing procedures to ensure that every student is receiving the services they need. During our meeting on March 21, we discussed Behavior Intervention Implementation Services, seniority in assignments, and concerns over students not riding school buses with Special Education Assistants.

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