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We did it! Our new contract will lift up all TAS families!

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On March 8, SEIU Local 99 members and classified staff at The Accelerated Schools (TAS), a charter school in South Los Angeles, voted to overwhelmingly ratify their tentative agreement with TAS management. For years, employees at TAS dealt with poverty wages, zero paid holidays, minimal sick days, and disrespect on the job. This new agreement will lift the standard of living for every TAS employee and bring good jobs to one of Los Angeles poorest neighborhoods. Read some of the highlights.

Mediation Update: TAS Refuses to Make any Serious Movement to Reach a Fair Agreement

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On November 19, our bargaining committee met with TAS management and a mediator appointed by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to try and reach a resolution on our wages, sick days, and paid holidays. However, even with the mediator, TAS refused to make any serious movement to reach a fair agreement. That is why our bargaining committee unanimously decided to proceed to fact-finding, the last step in the negotiations process. Read more about what fact-finding means and what our next steps are.

Parents, Students, and Community Join Hands for Quality Schools, Better Lives at TAS!

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On Friday, October 26, 2018, we led a candlelight vigil with dozens of parents, students, community members, and other members of Local 99 to make a call for justice at The Accelerated Schools (TAS). We’ve been in contract negotiations with TAS for over a year, but management refuses to work with us to reach a resolution. At the vigil, we urged TAS to live up to their mission by paying living wages and ensuring there is enough staff to provide students with the quality services and attention they need. We know we are not alone in our struggle. Our bargaining team will be going into a meeting with a mediator soon to try and reach a fair resolution.

“He estado aquí desde que se construyó la escuela,” dijo Tere Ramos. “No se me hace justo que después de tantos años, ganemos tan poco.”

By |October 31st, 2018|

Tere Ramos es un miembro de SEIU Local 99 en The Accelerated School (TAS), un escuela charter en el Sur de Los Angeles. Por 15 años, Tere ha cuidado de los estudiantes como trabajadora de servicios de alimentación en TAS. Pero, los salarios de pobreza en TAS dificulta que Tere obtenga la atención médica que necesita. Los miembros de TAS han estado en negociaciones por más de un año sin progreso. Como líder de su comité de negociación Tere esta compartiendo su historia para asegurar que TAS ofrezca escuelas de calidad y mejores vida para su comunidad.

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8 – Tentative Agreement – Ratification Vote @ The Accelerated Schools (4000 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037) | Throughout the day
SEIU Local 99 members will submit their votes to ratify or approve the tentative agreement reached with TAS management.

12 – Tentative Agreement – Ratification Vote By Board of Trustees @ The Accelerated Schools, TAS Multi-Purpose Room (4000 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037) | 1:30 pm
TAS Board of Trustees will submit their votes to ratify or approve the tentative agreement reached with SEIU Local 99. Agenda