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Be a 2020 Game Changer and Demand Unions for All from Presidential Candidates

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Our union unites people from different places and different races to fight for issues that matter to our families. Working people united in SEIU and the Fight for $15 and a Union demand that the 2020 candidates for President of the United States unabashedly champion economic and racial justice and commit to throwing open the doors for every person in this country to have the opportunity to join a union, no matter where they work.

Want to Step-up and Lead Local 99? Our E-Board is Filling Seat Vacancies

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Per the SEIU Local 99 Constitution and Bylaws, the Local 99 Executive Board will be filling Industry Division Delegate vacancies for the following: LAUSD Board District #1, LAUSD Board District #4, LAUSD Board District #5, LACOE, Higher Education (VCCCD only), Early Education (3 delegate vacancies for MAOF and Options, with no more than two from one employer). The board welcomes all active and eligible members to join the team. Deadline to submit an application is October 14.